How to Get More Reviews on Google

Effective Ways to Increase Google Reviews

Online reviews, particularly Google reviews, play a pivotal role in shaping the reputation and success of your local business. Simply put, customers trust online reviews.  It is the modern-day version of word-of-mouth.  Consumers read online reviews; they will read online reviews before making a purchase; they will check out your reviews before visiting a business. So understanding how to effectively get more Google reviews is essential for any business looking to enhance its online presence and attract more customers.

What are Google Reviews and Why are They Important?

Understanding the Impact of Google Reviews on Business

Google reviews matter; they are public evaluations left by customers on your Google Business Profile. They appear on Google Search and Google Maps, influencing potential customers’ perceptions and decisions. A 5-star review on Google can significantly boost a business’s credibility, while a negative review can deter potential customers.  So when a potential customer does a search for your business on Google, what will they find?  Lots of Google business reviews from past clients, or will they move to a business that does have lots of Google My Business reviews?

The Benefits of Having More Favourable Google Reviews

  • Enhanced Visibility: Positive and negative reviews improve rankings in Google search results, making your business more visible.
  • Trust and Credibility: Customers often trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, making reviews from your customers a powerful tool for building credibility.
  • Increased Sales: Reviews can directly influence purchasing decisions, leading to increased sales.

Dealing with Negative Google Reviews

Negative reviews, while challenging, offer opportunities for improvement and customer engagement. Responding professionally to a bad review can demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction.

How to Encourage Customers to Leave Google Reviews

Encouraging customers to write a Google review is a crucial step in enhancing your online presence. Here are some strategies to get more Google customer reviews:

  • Educate Your Customers: Sometimes customers don’t leave reviews for your business simply because they don’t know how. Educate them with simple instructions or guides on how to leave a Google review.
  • Follow-Up Emails: Send a follow-up email after a purchase or service, thanking customers and asking them to leave a review. Include a direct link to your Google review page to make it as easy as possible.
  • In-Store Reminders: For brick-and-mortar businesses, place signs or cards that remind customers to leave a review on Google.
  • Leverage Social Media: Use your social media platforms to ask for reviews. Share positive reviews as social proof to encourage others.

A question we are often asked is: Can I offer an incentive for Google reviews?  Something like 10% off or a free coffee.

Google is pretty focused here, and it is important to understand that offering incentives of any kind for customers to leave reviews, such as a discount or gift, is strictly against Google policy and can result in the business losing all of their reviews.

Utilising Google Reviews to Improve Local SEO

Google reviews are a key component in local search engine optimisation (SEO). Here’s how you can use them to your advantage:

  • Regularly Get New Reviews: Google favours businesses that consistently receive new reviews. Encourage a steady stream of reviews to stay relevant in search results.
  • Use Keywords in Responses: When responding to reviews, subtly include keywords relevant to your business. This can help improve your SEO.
  • Encourage Detailed Reviews: Detailed reviews that mention specific services or products can boost your SEO for those particular items.
  • Build a Diverse Review Profile: Encourage reviews across a range of platforms, including Google, to build a robust online presence.

How to Get More Google Reviews for Your Business

Creating and customising a Google Business Profile

To get Google reviews, you must first have a Google My Business profile.

A well-optimised Google Business Profile (GBP) is essential. Here are some tips to enhance your listing on Google:

  • Complete every section: Fill out every part of your GMB profile, including business hours, contact information, and a detailed description.
  • Use High-Quality Images: Upload high-quality images of your business, products, or services. This can significantly impact a customer’s decision to choose your business.
  • Regular Updates: Keep your profile updated with the latest information, special offers, and events.
  • Utilise the Posts Feature: Use the posts feature on GMB to share updates, offers, and events directly on your profile.

Effective Strategies for Generating Google Review Links

  • Create a Short URL: Make a short, memorable URL that directs customers to your review page.
  • QR Codes: Use QR codes in physical locations that link directly to your Google review page.  In your store, on a menu, on an invoice, or on a receipt are all great ways to use a QR code.

Asking Customers to Leave Reviews on Google

  • Timing: Ask for reviews shortly after a purchase or service, when the experience is fresh in the customer’s mind.
  • Personalisation: Personalise the review request to make it more engaging.

Embedding Google Reviews on Your Business Website

Showcasing reviews on your website can encourage others to leave a review. Use a Google reviews widget on your website to display your Google reviews prominently.

Promoting Positive Google Reviews

Positive reviews can be powerful marketing tools. Here’s how to promote them:

  • Feature Reviews in Marketing Materials: Use positive reviews in your marketing materials, on your website, and in social media posts.
  • Create Case Studies or testimonials: Turn detailed positive reviews into case studies or testimonials for deeper marketing content.
  • Respond to Positive Reviews: Show appreciation for positive reviews by responding to them. This not only engages the reviewer but also shows potential customers that you value feedback.
  • Review sites: there are often business directories or industry websites where you can display your Google reviews to help potential customers notice you.

Addressing Issues with Google Reviews

Managing and Responding to Negative Google Reviews

A reason that some small businesses give for not getting reviews is what happens if someone gives us a negative review.

Handling negative reviews appropriately is crucial. Here are some strategies to deal with when a client reviews your business in a less than favourable light:

  • Stay Calm and Professional: Always respond to negative reviews calmly and professionally, regardless of the tone of the review.
  • Acknowledge and Apologise: Acknowledge the customer’s experience and apologise if appropriate. This shows that you take customer feedback seriously.
  • Offer to Resolve Offline: Provide contact information and offer to resolve the issue offline. This can prevent further public negativity and show a commitment to customer service.

Reporting and Handling Fake or Misleading Google Reviews

If you encounter a fake review or misleading review, report it to Google for removal. Be sure to provide clear evidence that the review violates Google’s policies.  Unfortunately competitors can be known to add fake google reviews to a Google my business page, so stay vigilant.

Dealing with Inconsistent or Unreliable Google Reviews

Maintain a consistent approach to managing reviews. Regularly monitor and respond to reviews to maintain a reliable online presence.

Encouraging Honest and Constructive Feedback on Google

Encourage customers to be honest and detailed when they write reviews. This not only provides valuable feedback but also makes the reviews more trustworthy to others and we know that consumers trust online reviews.

Protecting Your Business from the Impact of Malicious Google Reviews

Malicious reviews can be damaging, but there are ways to mitigate their impact:

  • Quickly Identify and Report: Stay vigilant and quickly identify any reviews that seem fake or malicious. Report these to Google immediately.
  • Build a Strong Review Profile: A strong, positive review profile can dilute the impact of a few malicious reviews. Focus on consistently getting genuine, positive reviews.
  • Publicly Address the Issue: If you suspect a review is malicious, address it publicly in a professional manner, stating that the review is being investigated for authenticity.

By implementing these strategies, businesses can effectively increase their Google reviews, manage their online reputation, and leverage these reviews for growth and success.

Leveraging Google Reviews for Business Growth

Integrating Google Reviews into Marketing and Advertising Strategies

Incorporating Google reviews into your marketing and advertising efforts can really enhance your brand’s credibility and appeal. Here’s how:

  • Highlight Reviews in Advertisements: Feature positive Google reviews in your online and offline advertisements. This can increase trust and interest in your brand.
  • Use Reviews in Social Media Campaigns: Share positive reviews on your social media platforms. This not only showcases customer satisfaction but also encourages others to leave a review.
  • Incorporate Reviews in Email Marketing: Include a section in your newsletters or promotional emails that highlights recent positive reviews.

Utilising Customer Testimonials from Google Reviews

Customer testimonials from Google reviews can be a powerful tool for building trust and enhancing your brand’s image. Here’s how to utilise them effectively:

  • Storytelling with Reviews: Turn your Google reviews into stories that potential customers can relate to. Use these narratives in your marketing materials to illustrate the benefits of your products or services.
  • Highlighting Transformative Experiences: Focus on testimonials that show how your product or service has positively impacted a customer. These stories can be very compelling to potential customers.
  • Diverse Testimonial Representation: Ensure that the testimonials you use represent a diverse range of customers and experiences. This helps in reaching a broader audience and makes your brand more relatable.
  • Multi-Channel Use: Don’t limit the use of testimonials to just one platform. Share them on your website, social media, in email campaigns, and even in print materials.

Improving Brand Reputation through Google Reviews

Google reviews can significantly impact your brand’s reputation. Here are some strategies to improve it:

  • Proactive Review Management: Actively manage your Google reviews by regularly monitoring, responding to, and learning from them. This shows that you are a responsive and customer-focused business.
  • Highlighting Positive Reviews in Marketing: Use positive reviews in your marketing efforts. This can include featuring them on your website’s homepage or in social media posts.
  • Responding to All Reviews: Make it a point to respond to all reviews, positive or negative. This demonstrates that you value all customer feedback and are committed to providing excellent service.
  • Transparency in Operations: Use customer feedback to improve your operations and be transparent about the changes you are making. This can build trust and show customers that their opinions are valued and impactful.

By focusing on these areas, businesses can effectively harness the power of Google reviews to establish a customer-centric culture, utilise testimonials for greater impact, and improve their overall brand reputation.

Maximising the Visibility of Positive Google Reviews

To ensure that your positive Google reviews are seen by as many potential customers as possible, consider the following strategies:

  • SEO Optimisation: Optimise your website and Google My Business profile to improve visibility in Google search results and directly in the Google maps as well.
  • Share on Multiple Platforms: Don’t limit sharing your positive reviews to just your website; use them across various platforms like social media, in-store displays, and Google Maps.

Engaging with Customers Based on Google Review Feedback

Engaging with customers based on their feedback in Google reviews can lead to improved services and customer loyalty. Here’s how:

  • Act on Feedback: Use the feedback from Google reviews to make necessary changes in your business.
  • Personalised Responses: Reviews are often specific to the customers circumstance, so it is important to tailor your responses to each review to show customers that you value their individual feedback.

Best Practices and Tips for Managing Google Reviews

Encouraging Consistent and Quality Google Reviews

Consistent and high-quality reviews can significantly boost your business’s online presence. Here are some tips:

  • Set a Standard for Quality: Educate your team on the importance of quality service, which naturally leads to positive reviews.
  • Regular Reminders: Remind customers regularly, to try to get Google reviews, through various touch points, about the importance of leaving a review.
  • Just ask for a review:  it works for Nike, it will work for you as well.

Optimising Google Reviews for Enhanced Customer Trust and Credibility

To optimise Google reviews for building trust and credibility, consider the following:

  • Showcase a Range of Reviews: Display a range of reviews, including those that offer constructive criticism, to show transparency.
  • Highlight Changes Made Based on Reviews: Publicly share the changes or improvements you’ve made based on customer feedback.

Utilising Google Review Widgets and Displaying Reviews Effectively

Google review widgets can be a great tool to display reviews on your website. Here’s how to use them effectively:

  • Choose the Right Widget: Select a widget that fits well with your website’s design and user experience.
  • Update Regularly: Ensure that the widget updates regularly to show the most recent reviews.

Staying Updated with Google Review Policies and Guidelines

Staying informed about Google’s review policies and guidelines is crucial to avoid penalties and maintain the integrity of your reviews. Regularly check Google’s policy updates and ensure your strategies comply with them.

Establishing a Culture of Customer Feedback and Review Advocacy

Creating a business culture that prioritises customer feedback and actively advocates for reviews is essential for long-term success. Here’s how to establish this culture:

  • Employee Training and Incentives: Train your team on the importance of customer feedback. Consider implementing incentives for employees who successfully encourage customers to leave reviews.
  • Feedback Integration in Business Processes: Make feedback collection a part of your standard business processes. This could include automatic prompts for feedback after a service is rendered or a product is purchased.
  • Leadership Example: Leadership should set an example by valuing and acting on customer feedback. When management takes reviews seriously, the rest of the team will likely follow.
  • Open Communication Channels: Establish open channels of communication where customers can easily share their experiences and feedback, not just through Google reviews but also directly with your business.
  • Regular Review of Feedback: Schedule regular meetings to review customer feedback and discuss potential improvements. This demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement based on customer insights.


How Can I Encourage My Customers to Leave a Google Review?

Answer: Encouraging customers to leave a Google review can be done in several ways. Firstly, make the process as easy as possible by providing a direct review link. Secondly, ask for reviews in person, through follow-up emails, or via social media after a customer has had a positive experience. Offering incentives, while ensuring compliance with Google’s policies, can also be effective. Remember, the key is to ask politely and at the right moment.

FAQ 2: How Do Google Reviews Impact Local SEO?

Answer: Google Reviews significantly impact local SEO. They contribute to your business’s visibility in search results and Google Maps. Regular, positive reviews signal to Google that your business is trustworthy and relevant, which can improve your search ranking. Additionally, reviews containing keywords related to your business can further enhance your SEO efforts.

FAQ 3: What Should I Do If I Receive a Negative Google Review?

Answer: If you receive a negative Google review, it’s important to respond promptly and professionally. Acknowledge the reviewer’s experience and offer to resolve the issue, preferably offline. This shows other customers that you value feedback and are committed to improving. Sometimes, a well-handled negative review can turn into a positive outcome.

FAQ 4: Is It Possible to Remove Fake or Malicious Reviews from My Google Business Profile?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to remove fake or malicious reviews from your Google Business Profile. You should report these reviews to Google, providing clear reasons why they violate Google’s review policies. While Google reviews the report, maintain professionalism and avoid public confrontation with the reviewer.

FAQ 5: How Often Should I Check My Google Reviews?

Answer: It’s advisable to check your Google reviews regularly, ideally daily or at least several times a week. This allows you to stay updated with customer feedback, respond to reviews in a timely manner, and manage your online reputation effectively.

FAQ 6: Can Google Reviews Directly Affect My Business’s Sales?

Answer: Yes, Google reviews can directly affect your business’s sales. Positive reviews can enhance your business’s credibility and trustworthiness, influencing potential customers’ purchasing decisions. Conversely, negative reviews might deter potential customers. Therefore, actively managing your Google reviews is crucial for maintaining a positive image that can lead to increased sales.


Effectively leveraging Google reviews is essential for any business looking to grow and maintain a positive online presence. By integrating these reviews into your marketing strategies, engaging with customers based on their feedback, and managing your online reputation with best practices, you can harness the power of Google reviews to enhance your brand’s reputation, trust, and ultimately, its success. Remember, every Google review is an opportunity to showcase your business’s commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

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